Electrically Insulated Aerial Work Platforms

Electrically insulated aerial work platforms are used where electrocution hazards exist, such as working on, or near any type of electrical wiring, cables or poles. Electrically insulated aerial lifts can be utilized where Bucket Trucks are currently used but provide a different level of capability.

Our electrically insulated aerial lifts allow for you to move the machine when the bucket is elevated and work is being done around electrical hazards, trees, plants and construction sites. Moving from one work location to another work location while elevated will save your crew time and provide an optimal amount of safety around electrical hazards.

  • Tested per ANSI A92.2 Category C
  • 46kV Rated
  • Bluetooth Controls
  • Fiberglass Bucket with Liner
  • Fiberglass Boom Tip
  • Non-Conductive Hydraulic Hoses
  • Factory Controls Retained for Operator Ease of Use

Product Name Working Height Lift Capacity Specs
TZ50i 55 ft 6 in [16.09 m] 300 lbs [136.08 kg] View PDF
A45Ji 51 ft [15.54 m] 500 lbs [227 kg] View PDF
A60Ji 66 ft [20.11 m] 500 lbs [227 kg] View PDF
A80i 86 ft [20.11 m] 500 lbs [227 kg] View PDF
A80Ji 86 ft [26.21 m] 500 lbs [227 kg] View PDF

Electrically Insulated



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