Hurricane Florence Storm Plan

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“Good morning. The following is our current approved plan of action for impending storm. Any questions and concerns both before, during and after the storm can be directed to safety POC Larry Wyatt @ 704-466-5680.

• A liberal leave policy is in effect 12 noon tomorrow Friday September 14, 2018 and will remain in effect thru duration of storm and its aftermath.
• Complete Plant and office shut down will be in effect 2:30pm Friday to allow maintenance time for final preparations (gate, turnstile, equipment power downs) The powered gate will be disabled in open position and outer gate will be pad locked.
• Weekend work is suspended
• Continued storm monitoring and evaluation of damages Sunday evening at 8pm (I will come by and see if we have a building and power), determination of ability to operate and dissemination to supervision to contact employees (important to have their recall roster with them), with decision of work status.
• I will disseminate all current plans to employees no later than noon today to ease workers concerns
• If infrastructure allows, company FACEBOOK page will be updated Sunday evening and day by day following of work status depending on storm severity.

Again our employees safety is our utmost concern, I appreciate everyone’s efforts in battening down the hatches here on-site prior to this storm. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and will go far to help us weather this storm. Be safe, during this storm remain inside do not take any chances. We are giving you and all employees the opportunity to prepare and stay with your families please take this time and keep you and your families safe.”