Man Lift

Man Lift (ML) is the leading manufacturer of application specific lift, access and material handling equipment. Our application experts work together with you to provide optimal solutions that lead the way to safer and more productive work environments.


Established in 2000, Man Lift excelled in providing custom aerial work platforms for the aircraft and aerospace industry. High capacity lifts with crane capabilities were developed for the Defense industry shortly thereafter. ML began selling equipment internationally in 2003 and have a variety of equipment worldwide. While custom aerial work platforms for unique applications are always in production, the development of a standard line of equipment specifically designed and manufactured for hazardous environments quickly evolved.

Today, Man Lift is the leading manufacturer of explosion proof mobile hydraulic equipment in the United States. The markets we serve are as diversified as our customers. We are the leading supplier of explosion proof and specialty lifts to the US Military providing hazardous environment, cleanroom, specialty lifts and equipment to the all areas of the defense industry.

We attribute our success to our ability to provide our customers with safe and productive access solutions that meet the needs of their specific application.

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • DUNS: 117009957
  • CAGE CODE: 89UK5

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