9 Reasons An A73TDi Makes Sense For Your Company

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Electrocution continues to be one of the leading causes of fatal accidents in the tree care industry. Man Lift took this problem head on by designing and manufacturing the A73TDi. Built specifically for the tree care industry, the A73TDi provides safety near power lines when access is limited.

Below are 9 safety features that make a clear-cut reason why an A73TDi makes sense for your company and the safety of your workers.

1. 46kV Insulated Jib & Bucket


In accordance with ANSI/OSHA safety regulations, a machine cannot come into contact with electrical lines. One of the most important safety features included on the A73TDi is a 46KV Insulated Jib and hydraulic hoses that pass through the jib. Routing the hoses through the jib protects them from damage caused by falling limbs or snags. In addition to a non-conductive bucket and liner, this setup protects the operator if contact is made with high voltage electrical lines.

2. Onboard Diagnotics HMI

The A73TDi also features an Onboard Diagnostics HMI. This system prevents the operator from using the lift if a major fault is present within the machine. If a fault is present, the operator will receive this information on the platform and ground screens with an audible alarm in addition to an audible alarm. The ground screen also offers information on system faults that can assist in troubleshooting and servicing the machine on-site.

3. Outriggers & Removeable Pads


The Outriggers on the machine have also been designed with safety in mind. Each outrigger comes equipped with a removable pad to help protect concrete or driveways by distributing the pressure load between the outrigger’s feet. This protects the operator if he or she is in the air and the machine became un-level. This pad also helps prevent the feet from sinking into loose or wet soil.

Metal covers protect the outrigger’s hydraulic cylinders from falling tree limbs, which could cause a hydraulic leak in the cylinder. In addition, hydraulic blocking valves are installed on each outrigger to prevent a loss in pressure if a hydraulic line were to rupture or break. Mechanical stops are installed on the outriggers to prevent the operator from swinging the unit unless the outriggers are fully deployed.

4. Track Drive-System


To provide more stability and avoid the possibility of the lift toppling over on-site, the Track Drive-System can be retracted or extended when traversing uneven ground.

5. Motor Enable-System


The Motor Enable-System requires the operator to physically enable the motor to operate any function of the lift. This has an automatic time-out of 8 seconds to prevent unintentional movement of the lift (including the booms) during trimming operations.

6. Emergency Shut-off Buttons


In the event of an emergency, the machine includes 3 Emergency Shut-Off buttons. One is located on the platform controller in the bucket, one on the ground control box and one on the machine chassis display.

7. Ground Control Box Remote

The Ground Control Box Remote can be used in case the operator has an emergency while in the bucket. This feature allows another person to operate the machine from the ground, if necessary. The ground remote is also wireless to allow the ground operator to be at a safe distance if high powered electrical wires are close.

8. Machine Safety Pumps

The Back-up Pump and Manual Hand Pump have been installed in case the main pump ever gets damaged. This system would allow a ground operator to manually hand pump the boom down to a safe position if prior measures fail.

9. Battery Backups

Lastly, located in the bucket are Dual Batteries for the Bluetooth platform controller. This allows the operator to switch to a back-up in case the main battery was discharged or malfunctioned.

At the end of the day, our goal in designing the A73TDi is to provide an alternative to climbing trees or using ropes and make it easier for tree care workers to come home safely to their families.

For more information on the A73TDi and to see a complete photo gallery, check out our website

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